The Evolution of a Slyman


Eminent Mind is the reemergence, recollection, redesign, reconstruction, and perpetuation of the WORK of T.C. Downey. Eminent Mind is designed to perpetuate an understanding of the Insidious Way (ISW) practiced by T.C. Downey. Eminent Mind in its entirety, is a descriptor of a meta-model being measured by the prototype; through a particular practice making use of archetypes and strategy sets. Intently focused on the attainment, development, maintenance, and transmutation into Darkhorse by a potent, developed, and focused Slyman.

The journey to the state of Slyman is two-fold and interconnected. That is to say it develops at a simultaneous pace, despite the previously inherent inclination of homo-sapiens to one pathfinder type or the other. Psychonaut and Cosmonaut both are paths within ISW, both are striving for transmutation. Both paths lead us into the strange and unknown, but with enough discipline and work; all mysteries can be unveiled and new knowledge can be applied. Strengthening Essence and emitting Influence is what each Slyman relentlessly labors toward. Through this process emerges the Darkhorse.

Eminent Mind offers a look into the process of one Slyman striving to give rise to Darkhorse, which will in the process codify ISW for any who wish to examine, initiate, emulate, collaborate, or draw from the ideas within it. It is from this idea, that I have chosen to offer the works of other Slymen (Jason Sorrell and Meshihi’el Bey) in conjunction with my own; for the purposes of your examination. Each Slyman has through practical application, weighed and given worth to their perspective philosophies.

The Insidious Way is the study, teaching, and practice of what is referred to as Darkhorse. Traditionally a Darkhorse is defined as; a competitor of whom little is known, or unexpectedly wins. A person who reveals little about himself or his activities, especially one who has unexpected talents or abilities. An unknown entrant. Here this is an idea akin to the ace in the hole, the sucker punch, sleight of hand, the wild-card, insidious, and malignant; to that which seeks to confine it. Subversion, Conspiracy, Misdirection, and Calculation utilized to seek an unsuspected advantage. To appear as one thing, but truly be another. An underestimated, seemingly harmless glacier, holding sudden treacherous peril and demise; just below the visible surface. Not simply of the devil, nor some philosophical lip service to its puritan construct; but the vital potency of a living breathing devil.

Unable to accept the causal as ineffable, Darkhorse rejects the proposition that none can truly ‘do‘. By ‘do‘, I am talking about causing change on a massive scale. Affecting the living influences in such a way, as to, bend them to achieve your Aim or Calling. The Darkhorse seeks to escape his puritan prison construct, by awakening within him the essence of the A:O. Some intuitively live the Darkhorse, no matter what rhetoric they espouse; their deeds reveal their craft in the end. They are hailed as masters, of the miraculous, previously unknown emergents, larger than life, con-artists, tricksters, and mindfuckers. This is not the only way; contrarily simply a way in which we might struggle against the puritan mandates.

The Darkhorse does not define itself by the prison, it seeks to escape. Seeking to crumble the very foundations our puritan ‘prison’; the Darkhorse does not accept the causal as ineffable, contrastingly it is viewed that by ‘doing‘; we forge the separation of that which is causal. Infecting a portion of what was previously simply causal, with the peculiar element called acausal. Acausal means without cause. If everything that has a cause is not acausal; then acausal can only be cause itself. Influence is not bound to external considerations; rather it is born of intentional considerations transgressing the external.

Recognizing the peril of plotting an escape from global enslavement. An enslavement that happens on a memetic level, that is to say that this ‘prison’ is a construct of man’s own doing. Influences have always waged war in the human psyche; as sleepers are ill equipped to negotiate them; the strongest ones are the most presented. Pathei Mathos and praxis provide a razor sharp pickax for shattering the shackles of the puritan enslavement.

At this point I want to break from the heavy language to express a few things. Firstly I should make known, I consider myself a competent being; lucidly capable of governing my actions with full accountability. As such a being; I harbor a deep resentment for anything which seeks to undermine or arrest, my ability to do so. He that seeks to enslave me, is my eternal enemy; he who supports my enemy, I am his accuser. I recognize the insignificance of actions without thought. I see the paradox of pillage without plunder. A direct organized onslaught will serve only the puritan enslavement. The effort spun to reinforce the very thing, it was meant to topple. Every swipe made must then be precise, clean, and with stealth. Guerrilla tactics, subterfuge, misdirection, coercion, and conspiracy are the way of the Darkhorse.

Make every measurement exact and cut only when you are sure. Be unexpected, making sure they don’t see you coming. Be crystal clear leaving no room for misunderstanding. Put everything out there; all your fears, your worries, and your concerns; put everything on the table, and watch as it is shrouded in front of their eyes.

Be mindful of what you are influenced by, as influence is literally the threads that bind the webs of all existence. In the same way that thoughts influence words, and actions; the sun influences the rains that fall, and the grass as it grows. Imagine yourself immersed deep in the sea. Be witness to the tides and currents as the rush towards & then away from each other, plunging down into the abysmal depths, and rise again. Do you not see a similar pattern emerge in the currents of air? Such is the dance of influence. The Darkhorse studies, experiments, traffics in influence.

The Darkhorse is not a descriptor, rather a prescriptor. It is neither the map, nor the terrain; rather it is the skills to scale and survey the terrain. A developed ‘eye for detail’ and the faculty to correlate the map to the terrain; thereby reaching your aim. Asleep within each of us, is the potential for the Darkhorse. These texts, this manual; they are designed with intention to awaken that in the few.

Respectively I am actively seeking other Slymen to contribute to Eminent Mind. So as they come you’ll find their works appear.

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5 responses

  1. Congratulations with your achievements!
    My regards, nightcaller.


    August 27, 2011 at 2:47 am

    • T.C. Downey

      Thank you Nightcaller. I was really taken aback by it. appreciative none the less…


      August 27, 2011 at 11:57 am

  2. Looking good, Beast. I was reading Warlock Asylum’s blog and saw you had started this up (and gone your own way from the CoC). Been reading through and enjoying what I’m seeing.

    Be well.


    October 7, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    • T.C. Downey

      Thanks Neal,

      It has been quite a chore articulating my ideas with a specific form. High marks from you is certainly a reward. I intend to examine more corrosive elements in time. Hope things are well in the puck’s court.


      October 7, 2011 at 11:30 pm

  3. interrogist

    I enjoy nothing more than recognizing my own essence in another, and when they too return the favor. To share in these varying points of view, as they lead to rather similar sentiment, wrapped in ones own distinguished terminology, these angles are aligned, and there in, I am please to witness and take part.


    October 22, 2011 at 10:23 am

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