The Evolution of a Slyman

The Darkhorse

The Slyman 3.0

A competitor of whom little is known, or unexpectedly wins. A person who reveals little about himself or his activities, especially one who has unexpected talents or abilities. An unknown entrant. This is Gurdjieff’s Slyman personified. An idea akin to the ace in the hole, the sucker punch, slight of hand, the wild-card, insidious and malignant; to that which seeks to confine it. Subversion, Conspiracy, Misdirection, and Calculation utilized to seek an unsuspected advantage. To appear as one thing, but truly be another; even if by only slight variation. An underestimated, seemingly harmless glacier holding sudden treacherous peril and demise; just below the visible surface. Not simply of the devil, nor some philosophical lip service to its puritan construct; but the vital potency of a living breathing devil.

Not all Slymen become the Darkhorse, but all Darkhorses are slymen. The question rises, what then denotes the Darkhorse? Gurdjieff constructed a model which accepted the causal as ineffable, proposing none could truly ‘do‘; yet paradoxically living his life inspite of the Law of Influence. Seeking to escape his proverbial prison construct, by awakening a few; all the while claiming it futile. In essence plucking the ‘sly’ from the Slyman. Fortunately Gurdjieff intuitively lived the Darkhorse, no matter what rhetoric he espoused; his deeds reveal his craft in the end.  A man who is now hailed as a master, miraculous, unknown, larger than life, and transversely also as; a con-artist, trickster, and mindfucker. Never claiming his way, to be the only way; contrarily simply a way in which we might struggle against the puritan mandates.

While Gurdjieff’s Slyman defined itself by the prison, it seeks to escape. There is another Slyman that has been described, by Anton Long; which seeks to crumble the very foundations our puritan ‘prison’. These Slymen (Dark Warriors, Sinister Empaths, Dreccs, Niners, Rounwytha, etc…) do not accept the causal as ineffable, contrastingly it is viewed that by ‘doing‘; we forge the separation of that which is causal. Infecting a portion of what was previously simply causal, with this peculiarity described as acausal. Acausal means without cause. If everything that has a cause, is not acausal; then acausal can only be cause itself.  This is not unlike Gurdjieff’s vantage, but a distinction is made in that Influence is no longer bound to external considerations; rather it is born of intentional considerations transgressing the external.

This sets the platform for a more Sinister Slyman (Darkhorse), one that recognizes the peril of plotting an escape from global enslavement. Slymen recognize that this enslavement happens on a memetic level, that is to say that this ‘prison’ is a construct of man’s own doing. Influences have always waged war in the human psyche; as sleepers are ill equipped to negotiate them; the strongest ones are the most presented. Pathei Mathos and praxis provide a razor sharp pickax for shattering the shackles of The Puritan Mandate.

At this point I want to break from the heavy language to express a few things. Firstly I should make known, I consider myself a competent being; lucidly capable of governing my actions with full accountability. As such a being; I harbor a deep resentment for anything which seeks to undermine or arrest, my ability to do so.  He that seeks to enslave me, is my eternal enemy; he who supports my enemy, I am his accuser.

As a Slyman, I recognize the insignificance of actions without thought. I see the paradox of pillage without plunder. A direct organized onslaught will serve only the Assimilative Automation. My efforts spun to reinforce the very thing, it was meant to topple. Every swipe made must then be precise, clean, and with stealth. Guerrilla tactics, subterfuge, misdirection, coercion, and conspiracy are the way of the Darkhorse.


Live Deliberately,

Beast Xeno

One response

  1. this is one of the best articles I have found.Living or riding a DARK HORSE is natural talent of survival,master of spoken word,hypnotic manipulator,brave and intelligent con-artist,capable and willing to cope to all kind of situations,knows when to strike,when to run away and exist in battle,I LIKED WAY I WAS LIVING….


    November 24, 2011 at 2:23 am

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